Thursday, September 26, 2013

FigurativeArtist has a brand new look!

After lots of hard work and about 15 weeks of steep learning curve and application, has a brand new look! We had to figure out what we wanted and then figure out how to build it. It’s been an exciting trip! Now our blog will be incorporated right into our sweet new wordpress site. If you subscribed to this blog, please pop over and subscribe to the new one too. You'll enjoy it even more! Wordpress offers bloggers a much more sophisticated toolbox than good old Blogger.

Paul G Oxborough
Thank goodness my wonderful husband Dennis did pretty much all the cooking since the beginning of June so I could give my complete and undivided attention to learning how to create this exciting new interactive wordpress website.

Sue Rubira
Believe me, it took ALL my brain power!

Oiseaux Sisters
A huge BIG THANKS to everyone on the team who helped along the way. I sing your praises! I could not have done it without you and each of you brought your own personal bests to work and helped with good ideas and suggestion. Thanks to Sayata, Maeve, Madeline, Cathy, Ben, Dana, Joy, Robert and all the folks at Media Temple!

Joyce Polance256
Don't hold back, tell a friend about our fabulous new look!

Bill Murcko256_v2
We've just gotten the PayPal connected so please let us know if you notice anything that doesn't seem to work right and we'll get the muscle power right onto it.
Thanks from Paula

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